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January 2016

The hospital bag – What to pack



Let me start this by saying I was convinced, I mean totally and utterly convinced that I was going to go before I due date. I had no real reason for this feeling, what do I mean real, I had NO reason for this feeling but I just had it. So with that in mind I started shopping for my hospital bag list quite far in advance. While I didn’t have it packed(I’m not that type of person, I’ve tried to be but I end up unpacking because I convince myself I’ve forgotten something despite lists, upon lists) I did have it all laid out on the spare bed.

Giant granny panties in a dark colour – check. Really unflattering front opening nighties you’ll never wear again – check. Ridiculously warm dressing gown that causes you to nearly faint from the heat of the hospital – check.

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And so it began, exercise and me – part 1

My PE teachers from school may faint when they read the next sentence. I LOVE the gym and exercise generally.


Sorry even I needed a minute to take that in. But it’s true though I do love it. Now you won’t catch me swimming in the sea, running in the rain or I dunno doing something like Tough Mudder, but moving, a lot, it makes me happy. This, however, was not always the case. Throughout secondary school I avoided it like the plague. Even now the words, beep test and aertex send chills down my spine and make me feel very, very nauseous. If I close my eyes tight enough I can catch a faint whiff of the gym, hear the sound of the gym mats being pulled out, cones set up, my sporty, bouncy, bubbly classmates raring to go. On your marks, set, beep… hold on my runners aren’t even tied up properly! What, wait, I’ve to do the test again?!

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Hello, it’s me.


The first post. It’s like starting to write the first page of a new notebook. As a stationary obsessive, I’d need a new pen – or at least a good one. Does the ink flow well? Is it the right shade of blue/black/pink? Does it smudge? It does?! Then back to the drawing board you go. Try it out on a scrap piece of paper. Squiggle. Ok it’s working. Now write something.

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