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Monday motivation. The workout edition

I woke up this morning to the dreaded beep, beep, BEEP of the alarm clock. Annoyingly for the first time in as long as I can remember the little man did not wake at the sound of dawn breaking. So I literally had to peel myself from the bed. I felt like I’d been hit by a ton of bricks, as if I was hungover, pah AS IF!

As I filled myself full of caffeine, himself asked did I want my runners in case I wanted to go for a run at lunch. Eh that would be a no. Not a chance, not today. I have the important task of trying to ‘adult’ while keeping my eyes open. I knew this was not the best idea, as a quick run, or even a brisk walk would ultimately make me feel more awake. Someday I’ll learn and go against my inner teenager. Today is not that day.

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And so it began, exercise and me – part 1

My PE teachers from school may faint when they read the next sentence. I LOVE the gym and exercise generally.


Sorry even I needed a minute to take that in. But it’s true though I do love it. Now you won’t catch me swimming in the sea, running in the rain or I dunno doing something like Tough Mudder, but moving, a lot, it makes me happy. This, however, was not always the case. Throughout secondary school I avoided it like the plague. Even now the words, beep test and aertex send chills down my spine and make me feel very, very nauseous. If I close my eyes tight enough I can catch a faint whiff of the gym, hear the sound of the gym mats being pulled out, cones set up, my sporty, bouncy, bubbly classmates raring to go. On your marks, set, beep… hold on my runners aren’t even tied up properly! What, wait, I’ve to do the test again?!

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