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Things NEVER to say to a pregnant woman

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It’s hard to believe that Little A turned one at the weekend. Making it a whole year since I was pregnant. It got me thinking of all the crazy things people say to you while you are ‘with child’ and I made a mental note, never, ever in a month of Sundays to even think them around a pregnant woman.

Here are some of my absolute favourites, in fact while some incite rage as I write them  some make me full on LOL!

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Not enough storage

Not enough storage

My phone has been having a nervous breakdown over the past few days, despite purchasing extra iCloud storage – which I now believe to be a load of cobblers, I manage to see the ‘not enough storage’ warning at least once a day. I edit things down, I have all my photos up in the cloud, but yet, for some reason I still don’t have enough storage.

It was on one of those ‘editing’ missions that I came across this photo, me in my absolute favourite item of clothing that I bought while pregnant. Continue reading “Not enough storage”

And so it began, exercise and me – part 1

My PE teachers from school may faint when they read the next sentence. I LOVE the gym and exercise generally.


Sorry even I needed a minute to take that in. But it’s true though I do love it. Now you won’t catch me swimming in the sea, running in the rain or I dunno doing something like Tough Mudder, but moving, a lot, it makes me happy. This, however, was not always the case. Throughout secondary school I avoided it like the plague. Even now the words, beep test and aertex send chills down my spine and make me feel very, very nauseous. If I close my eyes tight enough I can catch a faint whiff of the gym, hear the sound of the gym mats being pulled out, cones set up, my sporty, bouncy, bubbly classmates raring to go. On your marks, set, beep… hold on my runners aren’t even tied up properly! What, wait, I’ve to do the test again?!

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