The first post. It’s like starting to write the first page of a new notebook. As a stationary obsessive, I’d need a new pen – or at least a good one. Does the ink flow well? Is it the right shade of blue/black/pink? Does it smudge? It does?! Then back to the drawing board you go. Try it out on a scrap piece of paper. Squiggle. Ok it’s working. Now write something.

I’ve toyed with the idea of a blog for a long time. In fact more than toyed I started Wishful Style Queen back in 2010 as a creative outlet for myself and a way to understand blogging better for my clients. I wrote about beauty and fashion, with the odd food post thrown in for good measure. Life got in the way and I stopped taking the time to write good posts for my readers.

So I’m starting again – an improved and more mature Wishful Style Queen. I hope! My inspiration for starting again came to me when I was pregnant last year. I’d search google for any (non medical) query that came into my head, but more often than not google did not come up with the answer. Or if it did, it was American and I didn’t find it was relevant to me. Forum’s were good, but if you are pressed for time, or pregnancy brain had left you with a limited concentration span(was that just me?!) trawling through them could be tiring.

I hope to include some of my own tips and experience that I found useful in the run up to D(elivery) day and beyond. Peppered with my other ‘stylish’ and no so stylish musings from the world outside of baby.

Welcome to The Wishful Style Queen. X