Halloween Balloons Wishful Style Queen

This really is my favourite time of the year. Although as soon as I write that I have Andy William’s singing ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’. Sorry Andy it’s not Christmas Halloween is where it’s at for me!

Mother Nature puts on a colour spectacle with greens turning to orange, russet, burgundy and eventually brown. Crispy leaves just ready to be kicked, or stepped on with a satisfying crunch(don’t dare let the thought of trodding possible dog poop ruin that for you!) A slight chill in the air which justifies you buying that beautiful Winter coat and putting on your favourite boots from last year. Don’t get me started on opaque tights, we have a very serious relationship come Winter.

But the thing I love the most is the general silliness that accompanies Halloween. The chance to go outside your comfort zone for the night, whether you’re dressing up as someone controversial, here’s looking at you Trump or a┬ásomething more old school and generally, well how do I put it, liked, a Witch! Black bag dress optional!

This year to fully embrace the Halloween spirit we took a trip to Scalpwood Nurseries Pumpkin Festival in Kilternan. Open until the day itself, Scalpwood has transformed their nursery in spooktacular fashion. For a small entry fee, you can potter about the maze, race ducks and pick out your pumpkin from their pumpkin patch. Don’t fancy carving it at home? Don’t worry they can do that for you too!


We had great fun, Little A particularly loved the pumpkin patch where he tried to pick up nearly every one of them!

scalpwood-nurseries-pumpkin-patch Wishfulstylequeen

There are still tickets available for this fun event. Log onto their website to find out more.