Crikey, it’s been awhile. Time whizzed past in the blink of an eye, even faster if you’re a sleep deprived mama and before I knew it, bam it’s the middle of October. Lots has happened, I had great ideas for posts, but the idea of writing seemed like tackling  Everest with no training, and I had to get on with the important task of adulting while sleep deprived so I chose adulting, halfheartedly. Thus an unexpected interlude from the blog occurred. I’m sorry.

Little A or the Sleep Thief as he’s now affectionately called wasn’t sleeping. Or rather he was, that is if you allowed him to fall asleep on you while sitting in a chair in his room and then picked him up from his cot when he screamed the house down in the middle of the night so he could sleep in with you. Three in the bed and the little one said… move over I want to lie horizontally on the bed and I’m going to whinge while asleep until I get my way! What do you mean you don’t enjoy sleeping on the edge of the bed with your head on the bedside table?

We’re in the process of resolving that issue thanks to the amazing Niamh O’Reilly from The Nursery. She’s a magician, well not really but she is magic! More on that soon.

I’m back with a ton of posts I hope to share with you in the coming weeks, but in the meantime here are a few things I’m loving, as always, one style, one baby and one foodie.


I am always on the hunt for the perfect black leather stiletto. Classic, the perfect go to shoe that can be worn in all seasons. In the run up to my sister in laws fabulous wedding I was desperately seeking a gorgeous pair of black shoes that didn’t break the bank. Zara came up trumps with their beautiful limited edition black leather stilettos. So gorgeous they were sold out for a number of weeks, and I think that only added to my love for them.

Would you look at them – it’s love! Photo cred Zara

Great heel height, I could actually walk in them, extremely comfortable, I wore them all day, only finally taking them off for fear of ruining them with my moshing on the dance floor. I can’t wait for another excuse to take these bad boys out. They are still available on Zara’s website, however they are limited edition so get them quick!


Photo cred Marks and

For the same wedding, Little A needed something to wear to perform his duties as ring bearer(he even had a little bear!) I scoured the internet and came across Marks and Spencer’s fantastic offering of formal wear for boys. At 18 months, I wanted something that he would be comfortable in but look the part and Marks and Spencer stepped up to the mark(oh the pun) with this cute outfit. Herringbone navy tweed trousers, with matching waistcoat, dickie bow and polka dot shirt. The sizing is excellent with room for growth and the quality as always with M&S is superb. Here’s the link for this gorgeous outfit available for boys from 1 – 7 years old.


Falafel Salad in the Maritime Cafe, delish!

Last but by no means least my foodie favourite is the Maritime Cafe in the Maritime Museum, Dun Laoghaire. Tucked away in a side entrance of the main museum, this small but perfectly formed cafe boasts of selection of some of the best vegan food out there. Normally one for bringing my lunch to work I was delighted when I realised I’d forgotten it so popped in here for ‘just a soup’ but ended up with the most delicious falafel salad. I felt like I was presented with real life instagram post it looked that perfect, and it tasted even better than it looked.

If you’re in the area stop by for a coffee and one of their ‘Healthy Snickers’ after walking the pier. I’m telling you they’re even better than the real thing!