July or more aptly named the birthday month in my household. Mr WSQ has his birthday, Grandma WSQ has her birthday, step mom in law has her birthday, sister in law, my dearly departed Granny and I’m sure I’m missing out on someone else! So I’m sure it’s no surprise when I count birthday cake as one of July’s favourites!

So aside from cake, what else tickled my fancy in July. Food wise it has to be Bastible, 111 South Circular Road. I finally, finally got a chance to pay this incredible restaurant a visit for Mr’s birthday. Well let me tell you it was worth the wait. I enjoyed my food so much, that not only did I not take one single picture during the entire evening and oh the dishes were picture perfect, but I barely spoke during my main course I was so engrossed in the delicious flavours on the plate.


From start to finish this place is a dream, attentive wait staff, a fabulous selection of wine, including a more than generous array of wines by the glass and incredible food. My mouth is watering at the mere memory of my starter, my favourite – peas! Well it wasn’t just a plate of peas, there was more, pickled watermelon amid other delights. But the peas stood out for me! Mr’s was just as good, goat’s curd with perfectly ripened tomatoes. For once we both opted for the same main, pan fried sole with monk’s beard and clams. This dish was quite simply the best thing I have eaten all year, along with a side of broccoli, black garlic and walnuts. Dessert was a shared plate of comte, my ultimate cheese, however this was overshadowed by the best tomatoes known to man. I can’t wait for an excuse to go back!

My baby favourite is also foodie themed. The nuby snack box is a firm favourite in our household. I picked one up in Dunnes as part of my travelling kit for when we are going on holidays. When Little A gets a bit over excited he flings everything everywhere and I got this as a bid to if not prevent it at least curtail it! So far so good.

Nuby snack pot