As I mentioned before cooking for a little one with CMA can be trying. You spend a good chunk of time creating new tempting foodie delights only for it to be flung on the floor in a food learning experiment. It’s hard not to cry into your split dairy free risotto. Chin up Mummy and clean that up before the dog gets it!

This is one of my favourite recipes for the whole family, as in I can make one batch of it and we can all eat it. Something Little A adores, and I love as he’s getting some delicious fish into his diet. It’s adapted from Jamie Oliver’s Fish Pie, but I’ve cut out the mountain of chili. I haven’t included exact measurements as it depends on your dish.



You will need:

  • An oven!
  • Dish of some sort, think lasagne or similar
  • A large saucepan
  • A selection of fish cut into 1 inch pieces, think salmon, haddock etc 400g
  • Sweet potatoes – either one giant one, or a few small ones
  • Celery sticks – I use two
  • Carrots x 2 (peeled)
  • Red onion
  • Olive oil
  • The juice and zest of one lemon
  • Flat leaf parsley
  • Tomatoes x 2
  • Spinach – as much as you’d like
  • Cheddar or dairy free alternative 100g
  • Grater – I use a  box grate with different types of grater allowing for zesting
  • Bread crumbs


First off preheat your oven to 200 degrees and start prepping your sweet potatoes. Chop them up in 1 inch pieces and place them in the saucepan, cover with water and bring to the boil. Boil them for approx 15 mins, give or take a couple of mins on either side, this is dependent on how large you cut the pieces. Once cooked – check with a knife, drain them and mash them with a glug of olive oil.

While your sweet potatoes are boiling away, start getting the rest of your ingredients ready. Finely chop your onions and leave to one side. Stand your grater in your dish and grate the carrots, followed by the celery, cheddar and then tomatoes(those ones are tricky so wear an apron!) Turn the grater around and zest your lemon into the mix.


Add the fish mix to the dish along with the onion, lemon juice, flat leaf parsley and spinach, use your hands to mix everything up. Add the mashed sweet potato to the top of the dish of veg and fish, spread across the top as evenly as possible. Sprinkle some bread crumbs on top for an added crunch.


Pop in the oven for 40 mins and stick back and relax. I laugh as I write that. Pour yourself a glass of wine while stepping on some incredibly sore plastic toy! Check after 30, it’s ready when it’s bubbling and slightly golden on top.

Serve with steamed greens of any variety, we like mayo with ours, but ketchup, relish or whatever tickles your fancy is fine by me!

Bon App!