Eat beach

What a title. I feel like it needs to be followed by ‘get beach body ready in just 5 mins’. So with that in mind, here’s how to get beach body ready in less than 5 mins! Put on some spf and your choice of beach wear and go have fun! Ta da!

Right back to what I’m really talking about, the pre holiday prep, the packing, washing, sorting, organising, panicking that happens in the weeks and days before you jet off. While I adore holidays, I mean who doesn’t like a change of scenery, preparing for them is not something I can say I enjoy at all. In fact it fills me with dread. Living with anxiety means the weeks leading up to what should be a fun filled time of the year can be torturous. I am someone who has suffered from anxiety for years – this is not a new phenomenon, however post baby, it has reached new heights. What if he runs out of nappies, what if we are out for the day and I can’t heat his food, what if I drop his tin of special formula and it spills everywhere and I’m without, what if, what if, WHAT IF?!! What if nothing. It’s tiring trying to quieten down these thoughts, while simultaneously planning for your trip away. You’re conscious that you want to have everything right, not in a everything has to be perfect sense but you don’t want to upset their routine too, as most little ones are massive fans of routine. Happy baby = happy family.

Logic and experience, my two faithful friends, tell me that there is nearly always a solution. I know this to be true, but in order to help me listen to those friends I make lists. And master-list of lists, oh and some sub-lists. God I love a good list. Fortunately thanks to the wonderful world of technology there are no limit to the amount of apps that can help you create lists. My absolute favourite is Wunderlist.

Wunderlist logo

This incredibly useful app has single handily reduced my anxiety levels. If that’s not a reason to share it with you I don’t know what is. Available free on iPhone, Android and many other platforms it allows you to create lists, and sub-lists, share them with friends and family AND set reminders. Quite simply it helps you get stuff done. Wunderful indeed.