Whenever I hear the word June my internal jukebox kicks into gear and starts playing Smashing Pumpkins 1979, albeit mid song, funny how words can do that.

I digress, June was jam packed full of favourites starting off with an oldie but a goodie.

I’m a sucker for skincare, some might call me an addict, in fact I have called myself an addict,  I am in the midst of a full blown addiction to L’Occitane Shea Cleansing Oil. I spotted this in store one afternoon, but not wanting to be coerced into buying it by an over eager shop assistant I went off and did my own research. Would an oil really do a good job of cleaning off my make up, without causing spots? Was it going to leave a greasy film on my skin? Would it be relagated to the cupboard for all eternity. I’d used Dermalogica Pre Cleanse in the past but the yearly price hikes put me off. The truth is those price hikes have meant that they’ve lost me as a customer, you can get as good quality products for a better price, even taking into account the sometimes larger bottles.

Loccitane Shea Cleansing Oil

Back to the cleansing oil. This beauty has a beautiful light smell that you would expect from shea butter, nothing that would cause irritation. It glides on, melting off even waterproof make up and spf, dampen your fingers and the oil emulsifies, then follow it by rinsing off with a face cloth. I use this as a first cleanse, removing my make up before I properly clean my skin. A bottle lasts for 3/4 months and at €20 the cost per wear(or use in this case) is very good value. Try it, your skin will thank you!

My foodie favourite this month is the chocolate from Bean and Goose. Those who follow me on Instagram will see that I’m a recent convert, but wow this has changed my chocolate consumption forever!

Bean and Goose

According to their Facebook page sisters Karen and Natalie Keane,  make chocolate at Last Tree Farm based in the Wexford countryside, Ireland. They are a single origin chocolate brand inspired by Irish designers, food producers and other makers to create exciting and beautiful chocolate.

They’re not wrong. Since I tried their Dark chocolate with roasted hazelnuts and Wexford honey I’ve bean(geddit?!) on the hunt for stockists near me, ok I didn’t go too far, down to Avoca in Monkstown where they have the delectable milk chocolate with almond and sea salt. This is proper chocolate for grown ups and I’m looking forward to trying even more of their offerings.