I missed April, well technically I didn’t, it was a whirlwind kicked off my celebrating Little A’s big 1. That year went by in a flash, as did the last two months, I mean how is it June? Don’t get me wrong I’m delighted it’s June, with it’s longer days, and no I don’t mean actually being awake longer due to the fact the little one is waking earlier thanks to the brighter mornings, warmer air and the general cheery disposition people have at this time of the year. Summer time is just beginning and the BBQ is fired up!

Anyway back to my favourites, well favourite, this month there’s just one that made the cut!

Finally after putting myself on a skincare spending ban, I lifted it, well I had run out of my usual amazing serum and thought I’d give it’s competition a whirl.

I’d read about Pestle & Mortar and it’s wonderous claims months ago and immediately put it on my wishlist. The packaging sold me, clean lines and a nifty pipette, and to top it all off it’s Irish. What’s not to love. It’s now stocked in not one but two pharmacies by my office, it would’ve been rude not to try it.

Pestle&Mortar Wishfulstylequeen
Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum

This stuff is fantastic and does exactly what it claims to do, that is keeping your skin hydrated. I’ve been using it since April(I did tell you I was behind a bit) and I’ve seen a noticeable difference in my skin. I’m a third of the way through the bottle, using the recommended amount, so I’ve a little bit of time before I repurchase but that I will. If you’re looking for an alternative to my beloved Hydraluron this is it!

You can buy it through their website here and it cost €43.