Decorating a nursery is when you can really let your nesting instincts go wild! While your little bundle of joy may not be making their way into their own room for some time yet, it’s a great way to really get ready for this little person’s appearance.

When I was looking for inspiration, I found that most shops had slim pickings if you didn’t know whether you were having a little miss or a little mister. Not everyone likes yellow when decorating. I wanted something that reflected our style and complimented our home, yet was suitable for the little one.

One of my favourite books from my childhood is Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl, as it turns out Mr WSQ was a big fan too. We picked that as the basis for a gender neutral theme for the nursery.

Fantastic Mr Fox

In fact we bought a print of this image by Quentin Blake and it’s now on Little A’s wall.

Using the fox as the basis, we built a woodland themed room around it. We wanted the room to be warm, inviting and generally a lovely place to be especially in the sleep deprived first months during night feeds.

We have light oak wooden floors already, so chose Dapple Grey by Dulex for the walls providing the perfect backdrop to the woodland theme,. High gloss white skirting and door and of course the all important black out blind! We sourced ours from IKEA which come in a range of sizes for a great price and all are cordless meaning they are safe for children.

Here’s my picks for a woodland themed nursery for your little one.

Woodland Print by Louise Wright Design Image from Not on the High Street
Woodland Print by Louise Wright Design
Strandmon Wing Chair IKEA
Strandmon Wing Chair IKEA