That was me last night, little miss smug. Little A had a great day in creche, followed by a lovely relaxed evening and some great fun in the bath, only a few tears while getting changed for bed. He was tired. A story, head on the shoulder, then the sounds of soft snoring. He was asleep, bang on time and I’d even managed to go to the gym. Just call me super mum. Ha more like super smug mum.

I went downstairs and whittled away the evening doing god knows what as there is still a mountain of laundry to do. I went to bed early thinking, wow we’ve cracked this sleep thing once and for all.

Head hit the pillow, immediate black out sleep.

Waaaaa, waaaaaa, WAAAAAAAAA

Crying baby Wishfulstylequeen

That crying that starts off slowly, but builds, not unlike a fire engine as it’s about to drive past you. I woke, Mr WSQ was out for the count or doing a very good job of faking it. Bashed into walls, without a clue what was going on, shh, there, there darling, mummy’s here. Come let’s sit on the chair you’ll be back to sleep in no time. That was the first lie I told myself. He did sleep but his cot radar was on high alert so as soon as I started to gently lower him into it, the eyes flung right open and the wailing started again. I repeated the procedure until I realised I was getting no where and also getting pretty chilly, so ignored all baby books and brought him into the bed. I thought, sure I’ll move him when he’s properly asleep. That was the second lie.

Mr WSQ woke with a fright when he realised Little A was in the middle of the bed, well taking up more of the bed than a person of his size should. A was sound asleep, Mr WSQ moved him back into his own room, and proceeded to tiptoe back into our room only to be greeted with the waaaaaa, waaaaaa, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Cot radar had gone off again, and Little A was now half asleep crying and standing up. Back into our bed he went.

Spread eagle, occasionally whacking me in the face with his tiny, chubby hands, or when not doing that, pulling my ear, and doing the exact same to his dad. He had the best sleep ever, so good in fact he had to be woken up. Us on the other hand slept like pencils, straight, afraid to move, I woke with a lovely creak in my neck. That’s smugness for you. It will come and bite you in the a$$ while giving you a creak in your neck. Tonight I’ll make sure smugness doesn’t pay a visit, and maybe then I’ll get a good enough night’s sleep. In the meantime there’s coffee.