Someecards pregnancy

It’s hard to believe that Little A turned one at the weekend. Making it a whole year since I was pregnant. It got me thinking of all the crazy things people say to you while you are ‘with child’ and I made a mental note, never, ever in a month of Sundays to even think them around a pregnant woman.

Here are some of my absolute favourites, in fact while some incite rage as I write them  some make me full on LOL!

Was it planned?

This was an actual question from a relation of my husbands upon announcing our happy news. I actually laughed in her face, well nervous laughed in her face as I thought she was joking. I was 30 something, with Mr WSQ for six years and to top it all off we were married the year before. I was expecting the ‘when will we hear the pitter patter of tiny feet’ comments, not this. Turns out she wasn’t joking and kinda took offence to me laughing so asked me again. To which I replied ehh… Yeph that was it ehh… I now wish I’d replied ‘y’know what no, and I can’t even be sure it’s his, especially with my line of work, it’s so hard to keep track. So y’know keep it on the DL. Just between you and me.’ But no I said ehh…

Sure morning sickness isn’t that bad at least you’re not putting on weight!

Again true story, this person is very lucky they didn’t get ‘morning sickness’ all over them. I was sick for my entire pregnancy. Putting on weight was the last thing on my mind. It didn’t help me as I lay on the bathroom floor in work with a sick bag beside me because I couldn’t physically make it to the toilet(which I might add was right beside me).

I feel so sick. I think I’m coming down with something. This must be how you feel. 

This was Mr WSQ. In fairness to him he was sick. However he was not sick 12 times a day for months, then it whittled down to twice a day until the end. I’m sorry I had no sympathy.

You are HUGE, are you sure you’re not having twins?

Christ y’know what I think I might be, I actually think they are lying to me in the hospital. Thanks for not just calling me fat!

Wow, any day now!

Nope I’m 6 months pregnant, not any day now. Thanks I was having a fat day. This continued until the day Little A actually arrived.

Get all the sleep you can before the baby arrives. You won’t get any when they are here. 

Between the extended nausea, heartburn, frequent need to pee and a baby who decided just as you were about to nod off that they’d start doing gymnastics in your tummy, I did not get much sleep towards the end of my pregnancy. And this little nugget sent my anxiety levels rocketing, a sure fire way to instill absolute terror and make sure any pregnant woman never sleeps. For the record, I actually got way more sleep once Little A arrived. Black out in between night feeds.

Has the baby arrived yet?

This started everyday from the beginning of March. My due date was the end. Little A arrived at very nearly 42 weeks. This question was a joy! Yeah right. Oh sure did I not tell you, I had the baby the other day. Pah!

Are you supposed to be eating that?

I shoved the offending article further into my mouth. It was a prawn and the only thing in the world I was semi interested in eating. Doc said it was OK, so I believed him. Imagine that going on my docs advice. I get that many others wouldn’t touch shellfish etc while pregnant and that’s absolutely their prerogative, but for me I was happy to.

Closely followed by…

Are you supposed to be doing that?

What going to the gym? What do you think I’m going to do there?! I’m doing pregnancy YOGA.

Do you know what you’re having?

A baby. I hope.