You are my favourite wishfulstylequeen

Another month that seemed to whizz past in the blink of an eye. I’ve been busy getting my head around the fact that Little A is turning one this month. In one sense I cannot believe that this day last year I was in labour, thinking he’d arrive any second, oh the naivety, it feels so long ago, like Little A has always been here and in another sense how did my baby turn into a toddler?!

March was a great month, with plenty of bank holidays, and while it was still chillier than a cold room in a butchers, the longer evenings started showing promise of the long awaited summer.

St Patrick’s Day was spent trekking west to Mayo, travelling through some amazing local parades, I felt incredibly proud to be Irish. The sense of community was evident, a wonderful moment to stop and appreciate that togetherness.

Easter weekend involved plenty of chocolate, delicious roast grub and some lovely walks as a small family, and more with the whole gang.

I tried a lot of new things in March but I managed to whittle it down to two favourites, one beauty and one baby. It’s safe to say my beauty pick has soared to the dizzying heights of my hall of fame. Yes it’s THAT good!

 La Roche Posay Cicaplast Mains is this months beauty favourite, a non scented cream that while greasy on application, sinks in quickly and brings moisture back to even the most desert like hands.

La roche posay wishfulstylequeen

My skin is generally dry, which means I’m a moisturiser addict and I have used nearly everything under the sun in an effort to find some relief. My hands generally aren’t the worst affected, but the constant hand washing that commenced when Little A arrived meant that any hope I had for them was quickly dashed. My hands cracked, bled and peeled and this was the only thing that stopped that.

A small tube, that fits neatly into any handbag/changing bag. I bought a few, I have one in my desk drawer, one in the changing bag and one beside my bed so I’m never without. At approx €7 a pop it’s great value for money for what it delivers. I may actually be able to have a manicure now without my hands resembling a reptile.

A must for new mums and dads. Available in most good pharmacies.

My baby favourite this month is the amazing Sleepytot. I can safely credit it for the sleep that I managed to have throughout March.

Sleepytot wishfulstylequeeen

Little A was completely out of sorts for much of March, between teething – his two bottom teeth FINALLY arrived, and bouts of sickness. Our home was akin to an infirmary with each one of us suffering from some form of seasonal bug. Humidifiers were on, calpol plug ins were used and plenty of fluids drunk by all. We eventually made it out the other side. There were many sleepness nights, but I know the sleep that was procured was helped by the invaluable sleepytot.

A small teddy, available in a number of characters, we chose a grey bunny, with velcro on each paw to hold your precious ones soothers, so they can pop them back in their mouths without fully waking. Which is great, particularly when they are feeling unwell because to get better, they also need their sleep.