My memories of being sick as a child involve lying over my mother’s knee while she whacked my back and tried to bring up phlegm. I have a memory of the doctor telling her this was the best way to loosen chest mucus that I wasn’t bringing up myself, not just her way of venting frustration of dealing with a sickly child. In order to stop the back whacking I had to take vile, VILE “banana” flavoured augmentin. Disclaimer, she wasn’t really whacking, more tapping as I coughed, but artistic license and all that.

Fast forward 30 years and my role has changed, I’m now the mum and Little A has been under the weather. A LOT. Thanks to the incredibly mild winter that has meant all manner of bugs haven’t died, he’s picked up colds, coughs, sticky eyes, tummy bugs to name but a few. Until now none of them needed more than some TLC, pain relief and plenty of fluids. This time was different though, the temperature wouldn’t go down and he’d become a very picky eater. While it wasn’t sky high, it was consistent and not being brought down by pain relief, and after a quick check of the NHS website and Under the, the only two online sources I use that do not instill absolute panic in me and an immediate trip to A & E, I thought let’s brave the germination tank that is the doctor’s waiting room. How doctors don’t constantly have the plague is beyond me.

My suspicions were confirmed, it was more than just a cold. Little A had tonsillitis and antibiotics were needed. Thus explaining why our formerly hungry monster had gone off his grub. The sickly sweet antibiotics began, along with pain relief, both of which had a not so pleasant side effect which resulted in Pampers share prices going through the roof. I swear we have never gone through many, ever! While I wasn’t delighted that Little A was having such strong medication in his system, it was needed and I trust my doctor.

Bio Kult

To counteract the negative impact antibiotics would have on his system she recommended taking a probiotic at the same time. We opted for Bio Kult Infant which is suitable for babies and can be mixed with water, formula/breast milk or food. They come in a pack of 16 sachets and dependent on your child’s age, 1/4. 1/2 or full sachet can be used*. Unlike many other probiotics, these do not have to be refrigerated.

Two weeks later and Little A is back to his full health and feeling better than ever. So much better in fact, that he’s speeding around the place on all fours(no traditional crawling in our home, it’s more crab like!). I’ll be using the Bio Kult range next time I need them.

*Check with your healthcare provider for advice on dosage