My name is Emma and I’m a skincare products addict. There I said it. I’m not ashamed of it. It’s true – like so many women I adore skincare. In fact I get given out to when I pass a pharmacy, as I inherently start heading towards the doors. It doesn’t matter who I’m with I find a reason to go inside, currently you might hear me saying ‘ooh I desperately need to get x, y, z FOR THE BABY!’

Yes I use him as an excuse (hangs head in shame). In my defense, he has a cow’s milk allergy and his formula is only available in pharmacies, so I need to frequent one at least once a week. Anyway I digress.

I’m not picky when it comes to pharmacies, my requirements are limited to are they open and can I browse the shelves without being spoken to? It could be a teeny, tiny, hole in the wall in Leitrim or a sparkly flashing lights Duane Reid in New York, I’m in there searching for whatever hidden treasures l may find nestled in the corners of their store.

It was on one such trip to a giant Boots in Castlebar that I discovered the gem that is Indeed Labs Hydraluron. I’m not joking when I say I’d consider moving West just for that Boots and Cafe Rua.

Indeed Labs – according to the blurb on their packing, their objective is simple, to eliminate all marking hype and costs and deliver real results at cost effective prices. In Ireland you can buy the range online at and in some Boots stores. What makes it even sweeter is king of offers Boots tend to include them in their 3 for 2 campaigns, which means you have no excuse not to stock up.

Packed full of Hydraluronic Acid, this wonder gel helps lock in moisture meaning you get a bigger bang for your buck from the rest of your products. I apply it last thing before my moisturiser, sometimes morning and evening, depending on how dehydrated my skin is and what other serums I’m using. Pop it on your skin before bed and wake up with considerably smoother skin, that looks and feels more hydrated. A must for anyone that’s tired, stressed, feeling dehydrated – basically everyone. With no fragrance or colour, this could work for even the most sensitive of skin.