My NikeID’s – It’s love

Since Little A has come along, I’ve found myself drawn to shoes that I can run about it, something stylish yet comfortable. We’re not talking nun shoes here, I’m thinking Nike, New Balance and the like! Stylish, comfortable, allowing you to nip to the shops, or go for a mammoth walk in an effort to get baba to sleep or meet other mums for much needed coffee and chat. Thankfully runners are still having something of a fashion moment, so instead of feeling like a retired American tourist in their spanking new white ‘sneakers’ you can feel impossibly stylish – even if you haven’t brushed your hair and the extent of your beauty routine is haphazardly slapping moisturiser on your face. In my book that’s a serious effort.

Love this look – although white and me never seem to mix, and that has nothing to do with Little A!

In the early days, when night-feeds were still in full swing I found myself doing a lot of online shopping so if you’re like me here are some great places to find the runner of your dreams.

ASOS – The mecca of online shopping. A huge selection of runners here. Basically if you can’t find it here it hasn’t been made yet.

Nike – My personal favourite. Most orders qualify for free shipping and there is a huge selection. They also have NikeID a service where you can customise your runners.

Lifestyle Sports – The online portal for the high street store. I find they have a better selection than most shops here.

Zara – Not what would spring to mind when you think of runners, but they have a fantastic selection in stock currently.

Naturally Penney’s need a mention here, but as they don’t have an online store, it’s not one for midnight browsing!